The only resort in the gulf providing a complete family adventure, a rare crab hunting program which will remain in your memories for years to come. Glass bottom boats ferry you to natural mangroves abundant with crabs and with special underwater lights you will experience an event of a life time.

Your family will be accompanied with masters in this trade to assist you in hunting crabs. The adventure climaxes when your catch is cooked in front of you on the shore as a reward in the barbeque night buffet. The entire program is ferried in the night at low tides so that even your kids can try their skills.

Night Crab Hunting Program #

  • Light Snacks Service

  • Departure By Boat for Crab Hunting

  • Crab hunting near mangrove islands of Umm Al Quwain with professional help and adequate supply of hunting equipments

  • Group arrives back in the resort after crab hunting

  • Dinner buffet service consisting of continental menu items and ‘Catch of the Day Crab Dish’


Clothing & Footwear

  • Swimwear / Beachwear

  • Water-resistant slip-ons available on rent

  • Life jackets and other safety equipments available at the resort at no additional cost

    * 5 - 11 years

POB # 1129, UMM AL QUWAIN, UAE. TEL : +971 6 7650000 FAX : +971 6 7650001 EMAIL :